Order Online


Currently, there is no evidence of food being associated with COVID – 19 transmission but the risks are largely associated with interacting with our people. So for those who wish to enjoy our food within the safe confines of their homes, we have introduced the option of ordering online and taking out food yourselves or having it delivered at a small cost. While your food will be packed while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene, we would encourage you to help us keep the entire process sanitized and contactless by paying for your orders online and also remembering to transfer the food from the original containers to other clean containers and reheat it for further safety.

In case of take-away

  • You will receive a call from the restaurant notifying that your order is ready
  • Arrive at the restaurant
  • State your bill number at the takeaway counter
  • Pick up you food while still 2 metres away from the personnel at the takeaway counter

In case of home deliveries

  • Food will get delivered at your doorstep
  • The delivery will be followed by a call for you to retrieve the food.

You can call or connect with the restaurant in case of any issues with the food that may need resolution and we will be glad to help.