The Restaurant and Food service industry is an exciting place to be in India now, both for budding entrepreneurs and for those looking to expand their current portfolio of businesses. With a CAGR of over 10% projected for the industry over the next few years, it provides for exciting opportunities for those who believe that there is no sincere love than the love for food. Apart from the positive macro outlook, the lack of organized listed players also drives up valuation multiples of restaurant and food service businesses giving greater value on investment and effort.

But entering the food and service industry is not without its challenges. From getting the right product to the right processes, from getting the right people to the right philosophy, it helps to have the right light leading the way. And what better for a partner, than a brand which has made a mark for itself in the markets it operates in, on account of its tried and tested product, award winning service, simple yet effective processes and above all, its philosophy of creating a friendly south Indian neighbourhood wherever it goes. It is not without reason that it boasts of a CAGR higher than the industry average since its inception in 2011.

So if you are as passionate about food as we are, and are willing to do what it takes to succeed, a great opportunity awaits at 22nd Parallel both in the casual dining and the Quick service restaurant space!

22nd Parallel is Vadodara’s finest South Indian dining restaurant loved by customers and critics alike. With their exclusive range of hygienic, fresh and full flavoured food handpicked from across the five states that constitute the “South” of India and innovative production and inventory management processes to maintain the consistency in taste while not compromising on the freshness of the food, 22nd Parallel is the ideal opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to make a foray into the food & beverage industry. Standing for everything that is traditional, conventional and exclusive, 22nd Parallel is a great choice in a market that increasingly values speciality dining over multi cuisine options. The casual dining philosophy means that the capital investment remains moderate thus reducing the period and increasing the quantum of the return on investment. With 22nd Parallel, you get to enjoy the privileges of a well established brand while getting the required autonomy to run your dream enterprise:

  • Award winning Brand with a steady and sustainable growth chart in markets it has entered.
  • Moderate investment and high returns
  • Lower Royalties with higher degree of support
  • Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO) resulting in greater autonomy for the Franchisee
  • Accountability of consistency and continuity resting with team 22nd Parallel
  • Unique model of food production aimed at consistency and no compromise on freshness of food.
  • Increased focus on hiring and training and according the required importance on service standards.
  • Continuing Audits and handholding to ensure the franchisee stays true to the values and approach of the brand.

There are two superstars down south, the irrepressible Thalaivar and the irresistible Idli – and they also happen to be inspirations behind our own superstar – Idlikaaran by 22nd Parallel – a quick service restaurant that requires low investments and promises high profits. With a thoughtfully curated selection of South Indian delicacies from broths and starters to mains and desserts, simplified production processes and inventory management methodologies, Idlikaaran is just the ideal set up for someone looking to make an entry into the Food & Beverage industry. With Idlikaaran, less is more!

  • Lesser set up costs
  • Lesser operational costs
  • Lesser dependency on “experts” for production
  • Lesser period for return on investment
  • Lesser risk of failure
  • More chances of success