About Us

22nd Parallel (22.17°) is the latitude that embraces the city of Vadodara on its journey across the globe. When we embarked on our journey with a vision to provide a great south Indian dining experience, Vadodara was chosen as the first destination to set up our dream project. So with a humble intent of wanting to give credit to the city which had given wings to our aspirations, we started a search for a name which gives the city of Vadodara its due as a lynchpin of our dreams and also represents a larger vision for this organization – as a result of which was born 22nd Parallel in February 2011.

Apart from the deeper meaning to the name, the name has also served as a great ice breaker for us to start a conversation with all our patrons while helping us establish a rapport with every guest who walks in to our restaurant which is in line with our philosophy of wanting to be the “friendly south Indian neighbourhood”.

Now the intent is to work tirelessly to ensure that the city embraces us and showers us with its love and affection in times to come so that we become one with the city like the latitude itself. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we would forever be indebted to all the great things that this city and its people have given us in our first venture as entrepreneurs. There will always be a 22nd Parallel in whatever we do and the name will keep reminding us of it at all points of time.

We look forward to hosting you soon at 22nd Parallel.