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About our cuisine:

If someone were to look up the “average Indian’s dictionary” for synonyms of south Indian food, the most popular responses that they will get are idly and Dosa. While this is not false, it is not the complete truth either. And the problem with going with such half truths is that one has to be very careful about not getting hold of the wrong half.

So to keep it simple, the southern part of our wonderful country has a lot to offer beyond these popular synonyms of south Indian food across the country. It is also important to understand that there are four fairly diverse states in TN, Kerela, AP and Karnataka with varied cultures and eating habits which holds us in good stead for a wide spread of options in food.

While one can argue that there are similarities in the four states’ cuisines in terms of presence of rice as a staple food, use of lentils, dried red chillis, fresh green chillis, tamarind and coconut, the preparations do differ in terms of the native fruits and vegetables used and the spiciness or hotness of the food. So with pretty much the same set of mixed vegetables, you can have avail, stew, kurma or Pappu and trust us when we say this, the taste is as different as chalk and cheese. Did you know that even the taste of the popular “sambar” varies distinctly across the four states due to the difference in the preparation? Likewise when we say south Indian cuisine is all about rice, what also needs to be understood is that rice helps blend some of these spices and flavors so well that the variety offered can be enviable. How else would you explain the difference in the lovely taste of rice blended in lemon as compared to tamarind as compared to coconut as compared to tomato and as compared to a bisi bele bhat.

In our humble attempt to provide a good south Indian dining experience, we have carefully handpicked preparations which give the guest an idea of the breadth and depth of cuisine from the four south Indian states. This is by no means a collection of all the food available down south and is just a representation of the wide variety that it has to offer and also an opportunity for us to keep adding to our spread from time to time as our guests acquire and appreciate the true flavor of south Indian food.

From the regulars like Idli, Dosa, Vada, Uthapam, Rice, Puttu, Adai, Idiappam, Malabar parathas and their variants to our signature Adai, Paniyaram, vazhaka bhajji, pazham pori, and payasam, walk in for a great south Indian experience at 22nd Parallel. For more details on the spread, please browse through the menu or feel free to write in to us on info@22ndparallel.com or call us on +91 265 2337733.


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