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About 22nd Parallel:

22nd Parallel in its current form today is the friendly South Indian neighborhood that I have created for all of you. When are you coming??
- Deepti

Familiarity breeds a concept!!

Whoever said familiarity breeds contempt!! How else can one explain the love for cooking, eating and feeding south Indian food that this girl from Coimbatore had in spite of having lived and travelled to metros within and outside the country while tasting various cuisines. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that every third day, Deepti would crave for good old south Indian food and one would think it's not too much of an ask, given the number of restaurants across the globe, let alone the country, claiming to sell south Indian food. But what she realized very soon is that - south Indian food sold in every part of our country is actually not in its original form but customized to the taste of the local consumer. So used are we to this customization that seldom do we realize that what we eat is probably not the authentic flavor of the Dravidian culture. How many times have we exclaimed in a south Indian restaurant that while the food is good, it is nowhere close to the wonderful food that our good old tam Bram neighbor made for us while we were growing up!!!

So without any formal education in hotel management or a background in running restaurants, she took it upon herself to give the "friendly south Indian neighborhood" experience to all those who are connoisseurs of this cuisine and to all those who are willing to experiment, discover and acquire the taste of exclusive south Indian food. Her management background and her experience of having worked with big corporate houses over the past 8 years gave her the capability and network to put a business plan in place and have it reviewed by experts before she could start working on the finer details. Once this was out of the way, she then focused on the most important part of her job - which was for her to create the spread of food which would give a good representation of food served down south. And like they rightly say, charity did begin at home. Under the watchful eyes of her two mothers (read mother and mother-in-law) she began the process of finalizing the food that she wished to serve as part of this experience and once this was done, it was about creating the right team and infrastructure to realize her vision.

And her comrade-in-arms in helping transform this vision into reality is Satish Gowda, the head chef at 22nd Parallel. With over 15 years of solid experience and unquestionable expertise in his craft of producing some fine South Indian food, what really stands out about him is his humility and willingness to learn at all points of time. A keen student of the craft of cooking and sucker for new challenges that he is, he works effectively with Deepti towards sustaining the desired quality of food that we intend to serve while also improving wherever we can and more importantly, where we need to, based on feedback from patrons.

While 22nd Parallel, under the leadership of Deepti and Satish continues to learn and strive to get better at what they are doing with each passing day, all patrons can be assured that 22nd Parallel will never be short on their efforts to try and ensure a great south Indian dining experience. So when are you visiting?